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common queries

What should I know about candle safety?

  • Always burn candle within sight, away from drafts and items that may catch on fire.

  • Never burn candle longer than 4 hours.

  • Keep candle away from children and pets. 

  • Trim wick to  3/16" before lighting each time.  

  • Keep wax pool free of debris.

  • Stop burning when 1/2" unmelted wax remains.

How do I maximize the life of my candle?

  • Wax has a memory! When lighting your candle for the first time allow it to achieve a complete melt pool.  Meaning, allow to melted wax to reach the edges of the container. This will prevent your candle from tunneling.  

  • Always trim your wick.  You don't need fancy candle wick trimmers. Use your fingertips to remove the charred pieces of wood that come off easily.  (If your wick is too long, it will not stay lit.)

Do you offer wholesale or custom orders?

Yes! Please email info@twighandmade to start the conversation.

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