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Cozy up with handmade home fragrance products made to enhance your space.

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Hi there,

I'm Kelly, the maker behind twig handmade.  Customers always ask me "Which is your favorite fragrance?".  My answer is always, "They are all my favorite!".  I like to curate fragrances I like first and always aim to have a variety available.  After all, we all have certain scents we gravitate towards depending on our mood, a vibe we want to create, a memory or a season.

My candles are hand poured in small batches using 100% all natural soy wax and finished with a signature wooden wick. (This is where the name 'twig' came from.)  Soy wax will burn cleaner, meaning less smoke and soot and will also burn slower.  This means you can enjoy your candle for longer (bonus!) than those made with wax containing paraffin which is derived from petroleum. 

Thank you for stopping in.  I sincerely hope you find something lovely for yourself or for someone in your life.  

xo, Kelly

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